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Vitamin D Tablets

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We can do any custom formula, Just Ask! 

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vitamin D

Essential supplements

If I could only recommend one supplement, I would definitely recommend vitamin D. Without it, you can't absorb calcium as much as you eat, and it's a supplement you need to take regularly.
In particular, it's important to take vitamin D supplements in the winter, when the skin makes less endogenous vitamin D when it's outside less, rainy, and bundled up.

Our Services

Now there are many vitamin D products on the market. The dosage of these products varies greatly and the dosage form is also many. We do not know which one to choose. But here we offer the recipe that best meets your needs, customized private labels for your brand.
We offer vitamin d tablets, Vitamin d capsules, Vitamin d gummies and other forms.


Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin with high purity of raw materials. When capsules are made, other fats and oils need to be used as solvents for dilution. If made into tablets, need to add other excipients to shape.
Soybean oil, MCT, glycerin, and coconut oil are common oil carriers. Unless you have a food allergy (such as soy), don't worry about the solvent used.
Allergic children, choose non-allergenic ingredients will be safer.


According to the Chinese Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake Scale, most children and adults need 400IU of vitamin D daily and 600IU of vitamin D daily for those over 65 years of age.

Vitamin D is found in very few foods, but the good news is that vitamin D is free through exposure to sunlight, which allows the skin to synthesize vitamin D in response to ultraviolet light.
If you don't get enough UV because you don't want it (fear of the dark), can't get it (like infants), can't get it (like high-dimensional areas, smoggy days, cloudy days, etc.), you need to eat more vitamin D-containing foods or take supplements.
Most of the vitamin D on the market comes in capsules, while many children's vitamin D tablets are available as drops, and some are more niche in tablet and spray form. Different dosage forms themselves are not good or bad, only suitable. Just choose according to your own needs.

Raw Materials Supply Service

Raw Materials Supply Service

Justgood Health selects raw materials from premium manufacturers around the world.

Quality Service

Quality Service

We have a well-established quality management system and implement strict quality control standards from warehouse to production lines.

Customized Services

Customized Services

We provide the development service for the new products from laboratory to large scale production.

Private Label Service

Private Label Service

Justgood Health offers a variety of private label dietary supplements in capsule, softgel, tablet, and gummy forms.

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