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What is Biotin?

Biotin functions in the body as a cofactor in the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose. In other words, when we eat foods containing fat, protein, and carbohydrates, biotin (also known as vitamin B7) must be present to convert and utilize these macronutrients.
Our bodies get the energy they need for physical activity, mental performance, and growth.
Biotin provides the body with antioxidants, as this vitamin plays an important role in maintaining healthy hair, nails, and skin. It is sometimes referred to as vitamin “H.” This is derived from the German words Haar and Haut, meaning “hair and skin.”
What is Biotin?
Biotin (vitamin B7) is a water-soluble vitamin and part of the vitamin B complex, a key nutrient necessary for healthy functioning of the metabolic, nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems.
Vitamin B7/biotin deficiency is usually rare in countries with adequate caloric and food intake. There are three main reasons for this.
1. the recommended daily requirement is relatively low.
2. frequent consumption of many foods containing biotin.
3. Researchers believe that the digestive bacteria in our gut are capable of producing some biotin on their own.

Various forms of biotin products
Biotin products have recently become a trend among consumers who want to have more and healthier hair and nails. If you wish to take biotin supplements for this purpose or other health improvements, you have several options, such as biotin pills, biotin vitamins containing other B vitamins, and skin care serums and lotions containing biotin.
Supplements come in tablet or capsule form, and you can also find liquid biotin online or at your local vitamin store.
Vitamin B7 is also available as part of a B complex supplement, a full range of B vitamins, including vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B2 riboflavin and vitamin B3 niacin. the B vitamin complex works together to support metabolic activity, brain function, nerve signaling and many other important daily functions.
Vitamins can also work together, so taking B vitamins together is always the best way to ensure you get the best results.

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